The Whale

Created in 2014

A joyful interpretation, on behalf of the artist, of one of the largest animals on Earth.

The harmonious blend of noble materials, such as forged steel (aged and varnished by the artist) combined with the root of a carob tree (rescued from the mud and cleaned using non-abrasive methods) were meticulously chosen and joined due to their evocative shape and natural color. The base is made with sand from the dunes at the beach in Bolonia, Cadiz and fossil coral from the same location, which provide a vision of outstanding beauty and energy.

Jorge López


Wood: locus root found at Guadalhorce river – Málaga – Spain
Sand: coming from the great dune of Bolonia Beaches – Cádiz – Spain
Corals: From the Straight of Gibraltar.
Tail and stand: rusted iron with covered with patina..


Plesae, click to enlarge.


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