The Spring

Created in 2014

A fountain or stream can be permanent or temporary. This live sculpture unites two forces, which are apparently opposed. Created with such delicate beauty, the Fountain seems as though it could very well break in two by the slightest movement made by mother nature but if you look closely, you´ll realize that it is precisely this delicateness which makes it into a solid work of art.

The Fountain resembles the brave flowers that bloom between the cracks along the sidewalk and remain strong amidst modern day civilization. Esperanza´s Fountain seems to be screaming out to the world: “Be strong, be brave, be yourself, no matter what.”

The fact that a work of art can transmit such opposing ideas is precisely what makes it so valuable. It is temporary and permanent. Temporary because of its delicate and fragile nature. Permanent because its message lingers on in our memory.


Oak knot: found in a woodshed
Oister shells: Cádiz – Spain
Structure: iron with antique silver patina


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