Created in 2014

“Spirals symbolize the path towards development and evolution. They represent the process of returning to the same point over and over again but at a different level so the viewer can see it under a new light.” This is what Angeles Arrien, an anthropologist from California, writer and expert in indigenous wisdom, believes.

What does Esperanza F have to say?. Esperanza says nothing. Esperanza simply creates spirals that envelop and transport us from one side of our imagination to another.

Spirals have always fascinated me evern since I was a child because they enclose the mystery of life. This is exactly what Esperanza´s work instills in me. When I saw these shells hanging from the spiral, I thought they were soul mates. Souls so pure that it seems as though they are about to embark on their sacred journey. And each time I see this piece, I feel the same thing: I envision souls that are about to shoot out towards the light. What will they find on the other side? Tell me. You are one of them. What have you found on the other side?.


Oak cork: Ronda – Málaga
Shells: Nha Trang area – Vietnam
Structure: iron with a rusted pátina


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