Ship of Light

Created in 2013

The more time I spend traveling through the winding valleys, rivers, mountains and forests of nature, the more strongly I feel in my heart that I’m sailing through my life, down my river and that, without a doubt, I’ll end up at the sea.
I know at times the voyage will cause seasickness, fear. The immense ocean we face from day to day is very powerful and profound. The best way to navigate it is with the light of your soul. That is the basic idea behind the Ship of Light.
And when I talk about light, I’m talking about that light which flows from your smile, from your heart and from your innocence. Remember, we come into this world when our mother gives birth to us and we leave it, according to legends, traveling through a tunnel of light.

If you fill your ship with light, it will carry you to a good port.


Trunk:  from Costa del Sol – Malaga – Spain
Iron brackets: iron with antique silver patina.



Light: Three low-power LEDs without heat emission.


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