Setting Course for Your Dreams

Created in 2013

Fight for your dreams. How often in our lifetime have we heard or read this phrase? How many times have we felt sad as we remember some dream lost along the way? Why? Maybe because at that moment we thought that the way to achieve it didn’t exist.

Thinking too much is one of our greatest problems. That’s why I made this piece. To remember, and to remind us all, that we can set course for our dreams by feeling them and not by overthinking them. I don’t agree with the concept of fighting. You don’t “fight” for a dream, you carry it out with joy, passion and dedication. That something requires effort, discipline and time out of our day doesn’t mean that it should turn into a “fight”. Once again nature reminds us of this every time a trees bear fruit. Have you ever seen a locust tree fighting to be what it is? No.

Anytime you have a doubt about how to get along in your life, observe nature and then set sail toward your dreams.


Roman Vessel: from Ayamonte beach (Huelva – Spain)
Right Algae: from Bolonia beaches (Cadiz – Spain)
Left Algae: from Gata Cape (Almeria – Spain)
Woods: Coast of Andalusia – Spain

Rumbo a tus

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