Kundalini Sailboat

Created in 2013

The extraordinary balance of this sculpture is fascinating to me. I looked at it long and close and later, when I was at home, I realized all the things that the sailboat enclosed. On one hand, a sailboat moves thanks to the wind. When Esperanza F. chose a sailboat as a main character, she was simply showing us how easily she moves and dominates that specific element. Air represents the mind and our thoughts. It is an element that, unfortunately, has enslaved our Western culture in harmful ways as our mind is always taking us back to familiar places when we should be embracing the unknown more than ever.
A sailboat moves thanks to the wind but it soars across the sea: the second element. The sea represents the world of emotions, the liquids within our body, our tears – salty like the sea-, and our sweat, our effort, our water of life. If we look closely at our planet, it really should be called Water, not Earth, don´t you agree?
The elements that make up this sailboat belong to Earth. That is where the iron comes from, the bark, the vine and the paper. Earth is the third element that the artist has used to create this magnificent piece of art. Earth represents everything material in our life: money, our home, our own body and our ability to create new life.
Last but not least, Esperanza F´s sailboat has one more element that ties it all together. Air, water, earth and… Fire! This is what defines Kundalini. An energy that is inside each and every one of us and rests at the base of our perineum. Kundalini is represented by the figure of the snake. If the snake awakens, it lights up and one can literally see God. This is what people who have experienced Kundalini have to say.
It might take us years or several lifetimes to confirm the effects Kundalini has. In the meantime, what we can now do is simply enjoy the strength, beauty and sweetness of this new work of art created by Esperanza F, a true treasure of our time.


Liana: Nha Trang  rain forest- Vietnam
Bark: Sierra de la Nieves – Málaga
Paper: hand made in Chiang Mai – North of Thailand
Chia seeds: A living touch.
Stand: rusted iron with covered with patina.


Plesae, click to enlarge.


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