Heron’s Nest

Created in 2013

The elements that comprise this piece are filled with a lot of significance because I found them when a person of great influence entered my life. Someone very special who, in my heart, I had been waiting for for a long time. “Heron’s Nest” is a natural reflection on the deep feelings that some people, including myself, have that our personal history comes from afar, traveling through past lives.
With the conception of this piece I also wanted to make clear an idea, an energy that I believe to be key in these times: the rebirth of a new era. It is, at once, both a complex and simple work, as are we human beings. It contains Love, respect and the energy of unity blessed by nature.


Woods: from Fuengirola Beaches (Malaga – Spain)
Algae, Corals y Stones: Bolonia Beaches  (Cadiz – Spain)

As a curiosity
Algae are between two glasses. This allows to maintain the original color and appearance of the algae without deterioration.

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