Flowing to Life

Created in 2013

The main idea of “Flowing to Life” is that of allowing oneself to be carried away by events without offering resistance. This powerful idea pervades every nuance of one of my most “traveled” works since it contains elements from various continents. Each one of these components expresses the joy experienced at the moment it was found and the presence of those who accompanied me; those to whom I can only give thanks for having shared my journey in those faraway places.

The solid structure in iron oxide, integrated with the ensemble, speaks to us of our deep human roots. If your roots are well forged, you can communicate with any human being, enjoying the moment. In order to reach very high, one must take root very deeply.


Root: Spain
Stones and Corals: from trips in Mexico, Panama and Vietnam
Vase:  from an antiquarian in Jodhpur (The Blue City) – India


As a curiosity
The root cleaning lasted several days. During this process I found that there were several stones that were embraced during its growth and that, far from attempting to remove them, I gently cleaned them and are still there.


The iron parts of the table are treated to have a satin finish and soft touch that leaves no stain. It also has soft castors prepared for wooden floors allowing you to move it easily.


The vase can be removed from the table to allow using the entire surface. There is a spring to hang it on the wall.

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