Created in 2013

After attending Esperanza F´s last show there was something that lured in the back of my mind: “Why a Dragonfly?” Her show was open to a small group of friends and each one there was captivated by different sculptures. Of all the pieces I saw, this one, featured in her website, I thought was absolutely fascinating.
Several days later, as I was walking along the beach at sunset, remembering that very same sculpture, I felt enlightened: a dragonfly´s life is short but while its remains on Earth it lives with plentitude, intensity and enjoys life to its fullest. A dragonfly would never lose a second of their precious life thinking about the things it lacks or the things that others do have. A dragonfly simply LIVES.
This thought came to me with such strength that I finally understood the message: “The fragility of its wings and its very short life have an important lesson to offer: enjoy each moment, give it all you have, don´t be afraid of the future or a slave of the past.”


Root: from Spain
Pod: Catba Island, Vietnam.
Wings:  from the volcanic area of Gata Cape, Almería – Spain
Stand:  iron with antique silver patina
Pearls:  Spain



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