Doñana Totem

Created in 2013

Blending boldness and elegance to produce serenity is something that only nature can do. When I looked at THE DOÑANA TOTEM for the very first time, I just stood there, profoundly calm. This piece instantly reminded me of two very important things: how lucky we are to live on such a spectacular planet, and that nature, even when motionless, remains existent, for those who know how to look.

This piece, as well as all of Esperanza F’s work, reiterates the idea that nothing dies. Everything transforms itself into something else in order to continue along its path. This transmits peace and happiness for if nothing disappears, we should simply leave all our hurries behind and and let the rhythm of nature lead us. Nature sets the rhythm and THE DOÑANA TOTEM, with its majestic presence, radiates energy. Soft like the flight of a bird, it transforms the place where it stands and ignites a powerful message: I AM STILL ALIVE.


Root: Doñana Natura Reservation- Huelva
Vase: from an antiquarian in Jodhpur (The Blue City) – India
Stand: iron with antique silver patina
Lights: low power LEDs.


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