Bird of Paradise

Created in 2014

Throughout the years, Esperanza F. has always admired pieces that were once part of something real and alive only to later become something else. Nature has a way of recycling everything that surrounds us. What once had a certain shape is transformed into another: the rock turns into a shell and then a handful of sand. Wood becomes a caterpillar and then a butterfly. A continuous cycle in which nothing is discarded. Everything is valuable and prodigious.

When Esperanza F. discovers one of these elements in nature, she sees it in the same way. Not as something that can merely be recycled into a work of art but as something valuable, a miracle, a unique and beautiful piece. It is then that a surprising process takes place. A blend of alchemy that joins unrelated elements to produce a spell. Something she calls Bird of Paradise.



Acacia branch: Málaga
Wings: Nopal, Cabo de Gata – Spain
Structure: iron


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