1. Exposiciones

Current exhibit


From May, 12th to June 12 
at Lacasadegrund 

The title of the exhibition is “Shaped by nature” and I am showing a collection of works, created over the last five years, which will be exhibited in various spaces.

I like this title for several reasons. In English there is a connotation of “Well being”, implying that having been designed by nature, the end result will be intrinsically beautiful. Antonio Gaudi, one of the great Spanish architects, was very clear about solving architectural problems, he always looked for inspiration in nature. I also like this title because it is full of significance, it implies that I am nature’s tool but my work and the materials that I use are formed by the elements.

My intention of taking these materials out of context and using them as modelling clay is so that my work may be perceived more easily and in a more real way and that they have intrinsic and capricious beauty. Their rich nuances are the inexhaustible creativity of life itself… if I achieve this my work will be truly understood.

The new CLUB+Renfe magazine, in its first issue, has published an article about art in Malaga and a piece by EsperanzaF has been chosen as cover.                   More info here   ➦


Lacasadegrund in Google Maps    ➦


My work was exhibited in a very interesting place for two months  The Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & SPA Reserva del Higuerón is daringly modern and minimalistic with lots of straight lines and a perfect place for my totally organic creation.

Hotel Double Tree

Placing the works

The late afternoons that I spent organizing the arrangement of pieces in at the Hilton Double Tree with its big window as the night was falling were pleasure for me. The space wouldn’t be adequate for many works but it was perfect for mine.

Colocando Obra


Made of Aloe vegetable fiber, it is, without doubt, the star of the exhibition. People just love to be photographed beside it.


“RENACER” (Rebirth)

The trunk of this Cork tree was burnt from inside but the bark survived the fire and inspired this work.


“SERENIDAD” (Serenity)

Of the twelve pieces which make up this exhibition, this was among the most modest in size, however, it has quite a lot of success.

Serenidad (Serenity)